My Teenage Diary

This diary, bound in red leather with a medieval embossed design was a repository for lovesick musings.  It's funny now.  It was very serious then.  



Lava Lamp

I love my lava lamp.  It's so perfect for me.  The colors are so soothing and I'm always in the mood to stare at it for hours.  

Our service projects were good because I got to talk to Charlotte a lot. Also, I learned to like Liz, I just think it's funny how when I heard Mari say she didn't like her, I now see Liz a little differently. Not that I'm copying her because I still like Liz anyway, I just can see why others don't. 




I saw this guy. He was so cute with blonde hair and cute boy clothes. We stared at each other. Probably he didn't like me, but I sure liked him.  I was ready to jump out of the car! How sad that I will never see him again. Today my hair is straight.

Why do I love to doodle? I wonder. No one else draws on everything as I do. I've myself a silly brain because sometimes I write two's like this, and other times like this, and other times like this.


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